Michael Watkins Ranked Among Most Influential Management Thinkers Globally

November 26, 2019
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HBR Live in London: Master Your Next Move

With Michael Watkins, leadership transitions expert and author of the international bestseller The First 90 Days.
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Harvard Business Review Round Up

Leadership transitions expert and Genesis Co-Founder Michael Watkins is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review and in the past twelve months alone has written numerous digital and feature magazine articles, presented a Whiteboard...
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How to Fast Track New Leader Success and Know When It's Time to Help

In his recent article for the US Chamber of Commerce, Genesis Cofounder Michael Watkins talks about the importance of effectively integrating a new hire into a leadership team to avoid destabilizing that team at potentially significant cost to...
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Michael Watkins on the Strong Suit Podcast

Jeff Hyman recently interviewed Michael Watkins on the Strong Suit Podcast about his recently updated book, Master Your Next Move: The Essential Companion to The First 90 Days.
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How to Onboard New Hires at Every Level

In "How to Onboard New Hires At Every Level" (Harvard Business Review, June 2019) Michael Watkins and co-author Rose Hollister write, "Most large companies do a good job with the basics of signing up and orienting new employees, but far fewer...
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Play to Potential Podcast: The ROI of Transition Support

In this podcast series, Michael Watkins is interviewed by podcast host Deepak Jalayaman about his perspectives around the ROI of transition support for an inbound leader and the timelines that one should bear in mind when thinking about...
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When is Teamwork Really Necessary?

When leaders take new roles, they typically inherit someone else's team and need to assess, reshape, align, and accelerate it. Michael Watkins outlines the steps newly appointed leaders need to take to align effectively with their teams and to...
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7 Ways to Set Up a New Hire for Success

In his article "7 Ways to Set Up a New Hire for Success," published on HBR.org (May 2019), Michael Watkins writes, "No one has a bigger impact on new employees’ success than the managers who hired them." Crucially, the hiring manager bears the...
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Master Your Next Move: The Essential Companion to The First 90 Days

Transitions into new roles are the most challenging times in the professional lives of leaders. Whether you are being promoted, joining a new company, or making a move overseas, the actions you take during your first few months can determine...
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