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Emotional Intelligence

How to Build Resilience

  Resilience is the key factor to achieving many of our goals: inspiring leadership, a thriving business model, and top teams all require resilience, yet it isn’t often at the forefront of our thoughts in business. It is precisely these...
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Channeling Your Emotional Energy for Performance and Well-Being

How would it feel to make those tough choices without feeling that weight in your chest? What would it feel like to quickly restore a sense of calm and self-assurance whenever you need to most?
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How to Empower Teams in Difficult Times with Coach-like Conversations

In his recent podcast with How to be Awesome at Your Job's Pete Mockaitis, Michael Watkins shares the new conversations leaders need to have in order to empower and support their teams during difficult times.
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Coaching Your People Through a Crisis

It’s all-too-easy to shift into “action mode” during a crisis and forget that your people are experiencing great uncertainty about their futures. So, even as you experience the powerful impulse to act, temper that with a focus on coaching your...
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Same Storm, Different Boats: Use a “COVID-19 Stress Index” to Assess Your People’s Energy Reserves

How should the COVID-19 Crisis change the way leaders engage with their teams? This question came into focus for me while I sat in on a “check-in” call with a senior health-care company executive and her reports about COVID-19 impacts on their...
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If a Leader Fails, It's Because He/She Lacks Emotional Intelligence

On a recent trip to Barcelona coinciding with the release of The First 90 Days in Spanish, Michael Watkins and Richard Wetzler, Co-founder and CEO of Genesis, respectively, met with leading business men and women in the region. The 2-day tour...
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