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Leveraging Thought Leadership | Michael Watkins | 217

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HBR Ideacast 654: Stop Initiative Overload

Rose Hollister and Michael Watkins, consultants at Genesis Advisers, argue that many companies today are taking on too many initiatives. Each manager might have their own pet projects they want to focus on, but that trickles down to lower level...
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Success Strategies for New Leaders

In episode #11 of the Super Managers Podcast, Michael Watkins discusses some of the strategies that new leaders can adopt to be successful in their roles and climb up the learning curve.
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The Cheeky Scientist Podcast with Michael Watkins: Mastering the Onboarding Process

Below is a summary of an interview with Michael Watkins on the Cheeky Scientist podcast. You can listen to the podcast here (skip to 00:57:16).
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Career Talk on Sirius XM 132 Wharton School of Business Radio Features Michael Watkins and The First 90 Days

On this episode of Career Talk, host Dr Dawn interviews two best-selling authors. During the first segment, James Clear shares how techniques like temptation bundling and building a system to get 1% better each day, from his book Atomic Habits....
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Michael Watkins on the Strong Suit Podcast

Jeff Hyman recently interviewed Michael Watkins on the Strong Suit Podcast about his recently updated book, Master Your Next Move: The Essential Companion to The First 90 Days.
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Play to Potential Podcast: The ROI of Transition Support

In this podcast series, Michael Watkins is interviewed by podcast host Deepak Jalayaman about his perspectives around the ROI of transition support for an inbound leader and the timelines that one should bear in mind when thinking about transitions....
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The First 90 Days for Re-Launchers

In this 30-minute 3-2-1 iRelaunch Podcast, Michael Watkins — best-selling author of The First 90 Days and its newly-updated essential companion, Master Your Next Move — is interviewed by iRelaunch Chairman and Co-Founder Carol Fishman Cohen about...
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The ROI of Onboarding

Genesis Co-Founder Michael Watkins was recently interviewed by Jeff Hyman on the Strong Suit Podcast. In the interview, Watkins points out the astonishing fact that most organizations still use an "onboarding by Darwinian evolution approach" when...
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