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    Webinar Recap | Developing R&D Leaders: Challenges and Opportunities

    Co-Founder of Genesis Michael Watkins and Genesis Leadership Consultant Janet Spencer recently hosted a thought-provoking webinar on "Developing R&D Leaders: Challenges and Opportunities." With their extensive experience in leadership development, they provided valuable insights into the hurdles faced in cultivating leadership skills within the research and development (R&D) field and other technically proficient disciplines. In this blog post, we summarize the key takeaways from this engaging conversation. 

    Challenges in Developing R&D Leaders 

    The webinar highlighted unique challenges in nurturing leadership capabilities within R&D organizations. The prevalent technical expertise-centric culture without intentional focus on leadership development can hinder the growth of R&D leaders. Additionally, transitioning from individual contributors to leadership roles poses a challenge, as technical experts may lack the necessary managerial and interpersonal skills. The webinar emphasized the need for a tailored approach, like a Genesis Leadership Development Journey, to address these gaps.

    Guiding Principles for R&D Leadership Programs 

    Watkins and Spencer stressed key guiding principles for designing R&D leadership programs. Integrating theoretical knowledge with practical application through custom case studies and leadership challenges helps participants use these tools and resources in their everyday lives.  

    Elements of Effective R&D Leadership Programs  

    The conversation highlighted continuous peer learning opportunities as a crucial element in effective R&D leadership programs. Creating supportive peer experiences and networking opportunities enables knowledge sharing, mentorship, and relationship building among R&D leaders. 

    The webinar on "Developing R&D Leaders: Challenges and Opportunities" provided a comprehensive overview of the hurdles faced in cultivating leadership skills within the R&D field. By addressing these challenges and leveraging opportunities, organizations can foster R&D leaders who possess the necessary skills to drive innovation and collaboration. Prioritizing leadership development is crucial for success in the evolving R&D landscape. 

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