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    The Surprising Power of Peer Coaching

    Many have explored the benefits of working one-on-one with an executive coach, but fewer have recognized the results that peer coaching for leadership development can offer. In their article "The Surprising Power of Peer Coaching," Genesis leadership consultant, Brenda Steinberg and company co-founder, Michael Watkins outline why peer coaching may be the perfect solution for your organization.

    When discussing the concept of leadership coaching, many often forego peer coaching for its well-known counterpart, one-on-one executive coaching and ask, "How could working with a group possibly be better?" Well, as Brenda and Michael discuss in their article, the rationale that one-on-one executive coaching is better doesn't take into account "the substantial benefits of small-group coaching." In order to gain an appreciation for the power of peer coaching, consider the following points: 

    Immersion in real-time group dynamics

    If your goal is to engage more effectively with a group that you manage, peer coaching offers the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a group setting and gain invaluable experience while learning from your peers. 

    Insight into diverse perspectives

    When you participate in a peer coaching session, you are exposed to many different personalities, each with their own unique goals and experience. By engaging in meaningful dialogue with your colleagues, you can gain a better understanding of different perspectives and challenges that may lead to more profound insights than would a one-to-one coaching experience. 

    Opportunities to practice new skills in a safe space

    Whether through listening to others, demonstrating vulnerability, or becoming more comfortable with diverse perspectives, peer coaching offers the unique opportunity to practice and test new skills in a safe space.

    A robust accountability system

    A unique aspect of peer coaching is also the element of accountability it fosters within the team. Not only will your peer coaching team offer regular input and invaluable feedback on your goals, it will also hold you accountable for seeing your goals through to fruition.

    For further analysis and an in depth overview on the many benefits of peer coaching, read the full article here. Genesis uses peer coaching as part of its First 90 Days Experience solution. For more information, please visit our Accelerate Leaders page. 

    Surprising Power of Peer Group Coaching