The First 90 Days for Re-Launchers

Posted by Genesis

Podcast Image for Michael WatkinsIn this 30-minute 3-2-1 iRelaunch Podcast, Michael Watkins — best-selling author of The First 90 Days and its newly-updated essential companion, Master Your Next Move  is interviewed by iRelaunch Chairman and Co-Founder Carol Fishman Cohen about the principles and techniques of making successful transitions into new roles through the lens of a "relauncher," or person returning to the workforce after a break.


Among the topics explored in the podcast are:

  • How to regulate a 'sink or swim' mentality in a new position
  • Striking the right balance between learning and doing
  • Accelerating technical, cultural, and political learning
  • Common traps to avoid when taking a new role
  • How to match your strategy to the situation you are entering 
  • Creating alliances
  • Coping with anxiety associated with returning to work
  • Tackling front-end "update learning" (e.g., new software platforms)
  • Leading former peers
  • How to avoid creating barriers to your success

You can listen to the full podcast on the following platforms:




Google Play:


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