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    Michael Watkins on the Strong Suit Podcast

    Jeff Hyman recently interviewed Michael Watkins on the Strong Suit Podcast about his recently updated book, Master Your Next Move: The Essential Companion to The First 90 Days.

    In this 20-minute interview, Michael reveals how to stay on track during your next career move and how to help your new employees do the same. The segment is described as follows:

    Your next professional transition could make or break your career. Are you prepared?

    My guest is Michael Watkins, author of Master Your Next Move. He also wrote the international bestseller The First 90 Days: Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Better.

    Michael is cofounder of Genesis, a global leadership development consultancy based in Boston, Massachusetts and Professor of Leadership & Organizational Change at IMD Business School.

    Transitions into new roles are the most challenging times in the professional lives of leaders. Early missteps can create bad first impressions, leading to negative feedback loops in which leaders look increasingly unsuited for the job. Left unchecked, irreparable harm can have a lasting effect on a leader’s transition to a new position.

    In Michael’s new book, you’ll learn how to avoid making common mistakes — not learning enough about their new company’s culture and politics, trying to do too much too soon, not aligning expectations, and coming in with “the answer” — the likes of which, can lead to underperformance.

    Master Your Next Move answers a distinct need, focusing on the most common types of transitions you’re likely to face.