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How Effective is Your Company at Onboarding?

It is a well-supported fact that supporting new-hire onboarding dramatically increases time-to-performance and reduces failure rates by 50%. Based on Michael Watkins' in-depth research into the vast array of HR onboarding programs employed by global...
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Too Many Projects: How to Stop Initiative Overload in Your Organization

In their Harvard Business Review article, "Too Many Projects," Genesis Co-Founder Michael Watkins and Genesis Leadership Consultant Rose Hollister outline the consequences of initiative overload — an increasingly common phenomenon in...
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A Round-Up of Press Clippings

Genesis Co-Founder Michael Watkins, is the author of The First 90 Days and Master Your Next Move as well as numerous articles and books on leadership and negotiation. He is a regular contributor to leading international media and is routinely quoted...
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5 Conversations You Need to Have With Your Boss

Whether you’ve just been promoted or newly hired, it’s difficult to adjust and find clarity in new circumstances. Face the challenge and talk things out with your boss with these five conversations, guaranteed to bring you peace of mind and clear...
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Eight Traps to Avoid When You Take Over a Team

Leaders taking new roles often inherit teams that they must assess, reshape, align, and accelerate. Frequently, leaders stumble when it comes to building their teams. The result may be a significant delay in achieving key objectives, or outright...
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