How to Step In as an Interim Manager

Being an interim manager is a "delicate dance," says Michael Watkins, Genesis cofounder and Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change at IMD Business School. On the one hand, you need to prepare for the prospect of segueing into that role on...
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The Future of Team Leadership Is Multimodal

The following extract is from this MIT Sloan Management Review article on the future of work, written by Robert Hooijberg of IMD Business School and Genesis cofounder, Michael Watkins.
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When Do We Really Need Face-to-Face Interactions?

In their article, Genesis cofounder Michael Watkins and his IMD Business School colleague, Robert Hooijberg share their vision for what the future of work will look like post pandemic. They believe that a hybrid model will become...
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Reimagine Now to Thrive in the Next Normal

During a major crisis, the natural tendency is to focus on mobilizing your organization to meet the threat. It's not too early, however, to start planning now to thrive after the crisis.
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Are You Ready to Be Coached?

In business leadership it is very often the case that the skills and approach that made a leader successful in one organization will not guarantee the same results in another, or as Marshall Goldsmith put it, "What got you here, won't get you...
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The Surprising Power of Peer Coaching

Many have explored the benefits of working one-on-one with an executive coach, but fewer have recognized the results that peer coaching for leadership development can offer. In their article "The Surprising Power of Peer Coaching," Genesis...
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