How to Build Resilience

  Resilience is the key factor to achieving many of our goals: inspiring leadership, a thriving business model, and top teams all require resilience, yet it isn’t often at the forefront of our thoughts in business. It is precisely these...
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Tools to Help You Rebound Faster

Micro-resilience refers to implementing small changes that can have transformational effects. These are skills you already possess and can build on every day. One of the things about seasoned leaders is they’ve been through the proverbial...
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Assess Your Personal Energy Budget

At some point, all of us experience a sense of lethargy: feeling unproductive and unable to get things done as we normally do. This is especially true in times of crisis, as people across the globe have been dealing with over the last...
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Recharging Your Personal Energy Batteries

Leaders need to practice self-care and model it for those they lead. If you or your team are less productive, stop and take some time to identify what’s been draining your energy. I recommend doing this through an energy budget. In part one 
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Your Productivity Self Check

In business, we are well versed in budgets and accounting to keep track of our resources, but in our personal lives many of us fall short in this regard. As leaders, it is important that we both learn and model how to keep track of our...
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Channeling Your Emotional Energy for Performance and Well-Being

How would it feel to make those tough choices without feeling that weight in your chest? What would it feel like to quickly restore a sense of calm and self-assurance whenever you need to most?
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Seven key skills for future leaders

Facing times of unprecedented peril, we need to urgently develop a pipeline of leaders capable of mobilizing, focusing and sustaining the energy of teams and organizations.   Drought and floods, war in Ukraine, rising...
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Helpful Checklist for Leaders as They Move Up

Most of us like the idea of moving up to higher and higher levels within our organizations, but when the great news comes that you have been promoted, it can often carry some confusion about what needs to change. As we move up to more senior levels,...
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