5 Questions About Stakeholders You Need to Ask When Starting a New Job

As written by Michael Watkins in his highly popular Harvard Business Review article, "5 Questions to Ask When Starting a New Job,"  one of the most important tasks is focusing on the right things. Another key task is identifying and building...
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Six Ways to Support Hidden Transitions

Succession planning that used to play out over months and years is now happening in days, leaving transitioning leaders unprepared for the multiplicity of demands of expanded roles. 
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A Proven Formula for Balancing Strategy and Execution as a New CEO

In their recent Harvard Business Review article. "How CEOs Can Balance Strategy and Execution," Michael Watkins and Millan Alvarez-Miranda posit, "Every CEO must simultaneously develop strategy and drive execution — and the need to do both at once...
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From Leader-As-Executor to Leader-As-Healer

Executives can reach peak performance by shrugging off the confines of constant “doing” and integrating their ways of both “thinking” and “being.”
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Managing Your Personal Energy: The Physical Battery

What if you could improve the physical energy you wake up to each day?
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