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    Unlocking Leadership Potential with the Seven Seismic Shifts Framework

    At Genesis, we understand the complexities leaders face when transitioning to senior roles. That’s why our Leadership Development Journeys are built around Michael Watkins's transformative Seven Seismic Shifts framework. This innovative approach equips leaders with the skills and insights necessary to drive success, lead with integrity, and inspire excellence. 


    The Seven Seismic Shifts: A Roadmap to Leadership Development Excellence 

    1. Specialist to Generalist | Leaders must broaden their expertise beyond their specific domain to understand and integrate multiple functions within the organization. Our tailored modules ensure that participants gain a holistic view, fostering versatile leaders who can navigate any business challenge.Screen Shot 2024-06-03 at 12.13.17 PM
    2. Analyst to Integrator | Transitioning from a detailed analyst to an integrator who sees the big picture is essential. Our program emphasizes the development of integrative thinking, enabling leaders to solve complex, cross-functional problems effectively.
    3. Tactician to Strategist | Moving from short-term tactical thinking to long-term strategic planning is a critical shift. We provide leaders with tools and frameworks to think strategically, ensuring they can envision and execute long-term goals that align with organizational objectives.
    4. Bricklayer to Architect | Designing and aligning organizational structures is a skill leaders need as they advance. Our journey modules focus on cultivating the ability to architect systems and processes that support sustainable growth and innovation.
    5. Problem Solver to Agenda Setter | Leaders must evolve from merely solving problems to proactively setting the agenda. Our program trains leaders to anticipate challenges and opportunities, setting clear priorities that drive organizational success.
    6. Warrior to Diplomat | Building alliances and fostering collaboration is crucial in senior roles. We develop leaders' diplomatic skills, helping them navigate complex interpersonal dynamics and create a culture of cooperation and mutual respect.
    7. Supporting Cast Member to Lead Role | Stepping into the spotlight as a visible leader requires confidence and presence. Our cohort-based approach provides a supportive environment where leaders can practice and refine their leadership presence, preparing them to take on prominent roles with confidence.

    Achieving Tangible Outcomes 

    Participants in our Leadership Development Journeys cultivate leadership competencies aligned with their organization’s objectives and principles. This alignment ensures that leaders can drive meaningful progress and inspire their teams toward a shared vision. 

    Our program fosters a shared understanding among team members regarding goals and expectations. This alignment enhances collaboration, improves performance, and creates a cohesive, high-functioning team. 

    Through this program, we equip leaders with strategies and tactics that enable their teams to operate more efficiently. By implementing these insights, organizations can achieve their goals at a faster pace and maintain a competitive edge. 


    Expertise that Transforms 

    The Leadership Development Journey facilitators at Genesis bring over a decade of industry-specific, functional, and contextual expertise. Their deep knowledge and experience ensure that each module provides a transformational experience, delivering impactful services that resonate with participants and their unique challenges. 


    Join Us on the Journey 

    Genesis's Leadership Development Journeys, grounded in the Seven Seismic Shifts framework, are designed to create well-rounded, effective leaders capable of navigating today’s complex business environment. Join us to unlock your leadership potential, drive organizational success, and lead with integrity. 

    Discover how our unique approach can transform your leadership capabilities and inspire excellence within your organization. Contact us today to learn more about our Leadership Development Journeys. 


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