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Genesis produces a Power Onboarding Webinar series hosted by our cofounder Michael Watkins, best-selling author of The First 90 Days and Master Your Next Move, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change at IMD Business School, and globally recognized leadership transitions expert. Offered quarterly and attended by professionals in transition as well as HR and talent management leaders, the series covers thought leading themes related to onboarding and integrating leaders, teams and organizations. 


Please enjoy the following Power Onboarding Webinar titles on demand. Click on the title to watch the 60-minute webinar and then join the discussion, share insights, and get valuable feedback from your peers on our First 90 Days Linked In Group.


Coaching Your People Through Crisis

It’s all-too-easy to shift into “action mode” during a crisis and forget that your people are experiencing great uncertainty about their futures. So, even as you experience the powerful impulse to act, temper that with a focus on coaching your people through a potentially crippling period of uncertainty. While the situation may be very difficult, and there are no magic bullets, there are a few things that can help. Watch this webinar with Genesis Leadership Consultant Brenda Steinberg and Michael Watkins, who will share their principles for successfully coaching your employees through the COVID-19 crisis based on their jointly authored Talent Management and HR article.


Virtual First 90 Days: Onboarding Remote Leaders Successfully

With organizations shifting to a new remote work norm, now more than ever HR and Talent Management professionals must innovate and find ways to support new-hire and internal onboarding remotely. There are concrete things you can do to onboard new people effectively in a fully virtual environment, but you have to have the right approach. Watch this webinar with our two virtual onboarding experts, Kelly Huang and Michael Watkins, to hear their six principles for successful remote onboarding. 


Building High-Performing Leadership Teams

Over the past decade, organizations have faced major increases in complexity, uncertainty and volatility. Building and sustaining high performing leadership teams has become challenging in the face of such changes. It’s also one of the most important things a CEO must do to ensure the success of an organization. Drawing on decades of experience working with top executives and their teams, Genesis Leadership Consultant Ron Meeks and Co-founder Michael Watkins share their six principles for Building High-Performing Leadership Teams.


Transition to Business Leadership: The Seven Seismic Shifts

In this webinar Michael Watkins will introduce you to the key challenges leaders face during a transition to an enterprise leadership role and how to navigate them. Originally outlined in his Harvard Business Review article "How Managers Become Leaders," Watkins's Seven Seismic Shifts™ framework forms the basis for the leadership development processes designed to develop future enterprise leaders at Genesis, a global leadership development consultancy based in Boston Massachusetts cofounded by Watkins. It is also the basis of the Transition to Business Leadership open program co-directed by Michael at IMD Business School in Switzerland, which has ranked #1 globally by the Financial Times in open programs for eight consecutive years.


The Crucial Role of the Hiring Manager in Executive Onboarding

In "7 Ways to Set Up a New Hire for Success" (Harvard Business Review, May 2019) Michael Watkins writes, "No one has a bigger impact on new employees’ success than the managers who hired them. Why? Because more than anyone else the hiring manager understands what his or her people need to accomplish and what it will take — skills, resources, connections — for them to become fully effective. Managers also have the biggest stake in onboarding their new hires effectively." In this webinar, Michael Watkins and Genesis Leadership Consultant Jan Thibodeau share practical, actionable advice to help managers jump start the onboarding process and get their new hires up to speed faster.


HBR Press Executive Editor Jeff Kehoe and Michael Watkins Discuss Leadership Transitions

Michael Watkins and Harvard Business Review Press Executive Editor Jeff Kehoe share their insights and discuss leadership career challenges outlined in the newly updated edition of Master Your Next Move: The Essential Companion to The First 90 Days. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to take home insights from not one but two seasoned leadership experts, when we explore the most common types of transitions leaders face and the unique challenges posed by each, such as being promoted, leading former peers, onboarding into a new company, making an international move, and turning around a business in crisis.


Designing Onboarding Journeys for New Hires at All Levels

In this Power Onboarding Webinar, Michael Watkins and Genesis Leadership Consultants Rose Hollister and Elizabeth Collins illustrate how Genesis helped a Fortune 500 global company onboarding 20K people each year design and implement consistent impactful onboarding journeys for employees at all levels. The process included the selection of an onboarding technology platform, linkage to resources for leadership development, guidance for orientation to the business, and First 90 Days support for transition acceleration.


Leading the Team You Inherit: When Does Your new Team Really Need to be a Team

Most newly-appointed leaders assume that they need to foster teamwork among the people who directly and indirectly report to them. Teaming is now seen as the workplace equivalent of motherhood and apple pie — invariably good. The problem is when leaders try to drive the wrong kind of collaboration on their particular teams. The result: wasted time and unnecessary frustration. Before embarking on any team-building activities or even setting up team meetings, leaders must ask themselves one question: Am I managing a high-performing group of individuals or a high-performing team? 


Fighting Initiative Overload: How to Align Strategy with Resources

If “the essence of strategy is choosing what not to do,” as Michael Porter famously said in a seminal Harvard Business Review article, then the essence of execution is truly not doing it. That sounds simple, but it’s surprisingly hard for organizations to kill existing initiatives, even when they don’t align with new strategies. Instead, leaders keep layering on initiatives, which can lead to severe overload at levels below the executive team. With record low unemployment, companies that do not adjust the workload are also at risk of losing valuable talent.


Successful Leadership Transitions: How a Fortune 500 Company Equips Leaders for New Roles

When people move into new leadership positions they are often left to their own devices. As a result, they may flounder before finding their bearings, or indeed derail at great cost to the organization. When Terrence Donahue joined Emerson as Corporate Head of Learning and Development, a company with an already praiseworthy talent development culture, he analyzed performance data from business units across the company and found that 22 percent of Emerson’s underperforming sites directly correlated to failed leadership transitions. This was sufficient evidence to support development of new skill building into the leadership curriculum. Donahue had read The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins and approached Genesis to co-design and implement a customized enterprise transition support program that would be rolled out globally.


Case Studies in Enterprise-Wide Transition Support Solutions

It is an astonishing fact that "sink or swim" is still a common modality when it comes to executive onboarding. What makes this lack of support at such a pivotal point in an executive’s career puzzling is its stark juxtaposition with the amount of money invested in the hiring process, the high cost of derailment, and the fact that unsupported transitions are twice as likely to fail as their supported counterparts. Now, consider the natural flow of human capital in an organization and the ripple effect of unsupported transitions on the workforce, and you begin to see how truly crucial enterprise-wide transition support is to an organization's overall performance. 


From Onboarding to Integration: Accelerating the Transitions of Newly-Hired Executives

Many businesses think they are doing a good job of executive onboarding when they actually aren’t. Nearly all large companies are competent at the administrative basics of signing up new hires. However, many do surprisingly little to help onboarding executives understand the business, integrate into the culture, and connect with key stakeholders. Companies vary vastly in how much effort they put into the integration of executive hires, with major consequences for time to performance, derailment rates, and talent retention.


How to Avoid Unnecessary New-Hire Derailment

Companies often do not provide enough early feedback to new hires and so set them up to fail. In this webinar, Michael Watkins will discuss research on the primary reasons for new-hire derailment and explore what bosses and HR partners can do to reduce failure rates and improve time to performance. He will also tell you about our First 90 Days Transition Progress Assessment, a powerful, easy-to-deploy 360º-style assessment that automates the collection and reporting of evaluations from bosses, peers, reports, and other key stakeholders, providing actionable feedback just in time. 


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