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    Webinar Recap | Unlocking Team Success: Mastering the Fundamentals with Team Development Accelerator

    If you missed our latest webinar on December 6th, 2023, at 10 am EST, we wanted to share a brief summary of our discussion, "Unlocking Team Success: Mastering the Fundamentals with Team Development Accelerator," hosted by our Genesis team.

    The focal point of this webinar was the center of our Team Development Accelerator Framework - "Energize to Achieve." There are three key components in this pillar:

    1. Mobilize - Activate the latent potential energy within the team.
    2. Focus - Direct the application of that energy to ensure the right work gets done.
    3. Sustain - Balance the supply and demand for energy over time, fostering capacity building.

    Insights From Our Team

    International best-selling author Michael Watkins, co-founder of Genesis and creator of "The First 90 Days," spearheaded a dynamic discussion. His insights delved into the intricacies of "Energize to Achieve," providing attendees with perspectives on mobilizing, focusing, and sustaining energy within teams.

    Our panelists and Genesis Leadership Consultants Jessie Dwiggins and Millán Alvarez-Miranda Navarro and Senior Project Manager Saramarie Smith, the architects behind the "Energize to Achieve" framework, shared their expertise as well. They explored practical strategies for activating potential energy, directing focus, and achieving sustainable team energy levels.

    The interactive nature of the webinar allowed participants to actively engage with the experts. A live Q&A session provided an opportunity to delve deeper into the nuances of our Team Development Accelerator. For those unable to attend the live session, a recorded version is available for on-demand access, using the link below. 

    Watch Recording