The First 90 Days Online: An Award-Winning Onboarding and Integration Platform

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Many companies think they are doing a good job of onboarding new hires when they actually aren’t. Most large companies are effective at the basics of signing up new hires. That's important, of course. You want your new employees to complete the basic documentation, and get set up with the right workspace, support, access, and technology as soon as possible.

Lots of companies also do a reasonably good job of orienting new hires. They provide them with essential information about the company, its history, strategy, organization, products, and policies. However, real onboarding is about much more than getting new people signed up and oriented. It’s about integrating new hires by accelerating their learning, connecting them with key stakeholders, and helping them understand how to get things done. The sooner your new hires do so, the more productive they will be. Support for transition acceleration also has been shown to reduce failure rates and increase talent retention by as much as 50%.


Unfortunately, as outlined in the Harvard Business Review article "Onboarding Isn't Enough," few companies do a great job of helping new employees integrate as rapidly as possible. If you ask HR leaders whether their companies have an onboarding system the answer is often yes, but when you inquire as to whether it goes beyond the basics of sign-up and orientation the answer, more often, is no. If that is the case for your company, does that mean you need to throw away your existing onboarding system? Fortunately not. It’s likely you already have many elements of a great system, and it is straightforward to add the elements you need to better integrate your new hires.


This is why we developed the The First 90 Days® Online. This online onboarding journey can be used as the basis for a variety of formats — in-person, virtual, blended — which can be integrated into existing onboarding processes and development programs. All of our onboarding solutions guide your new hires in creating and sharing First 90 Days Transition Plans.

The First 90 Days® onboarding solutions include:

  • Acceleration Coaching® for onboarding executives: A full scope, high-impact transition coaching process delivered where you are by our global network of First 90 Days Certified Consultants.
  • The First 90 Days® Online with Coaching: Our First 90 Days online onboarding system walks your high potential talent through the elements of successful transition planning, step-by-step and is designed to be augmented with virtual coaching.
  • The First 90 Days® Programs: In-person and virtually-delivered onboarding programs designed around your unique needs.


Genesis can train your HRBPs, coaches, and facilitators to deliver the The First 90 Days Online as a stand alone onboarding solution or as part of existing onboarding processes or development programs. Visit our client stories to see how other Fortune 500 organizations have implemented The First 90 Days Onboarding Solutions


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