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    The Six Disciplines of Strategic Thinking

    Genesis Co-Founder Michael Watkins is excited to share that his new book, "The Six Disciplines of Strategic Thinking: Leading Your Organization into the Future," was published in early January by Penguin Random House UK in the UK, Commonwealth and Europe and Harper Business in the U.S.

    In our rapidly changing world, every leader needs to be a strategic thinker. Executives are dealing with unprecedented technological change and global political and social turbulence. In this book, Watkin's explores the six essential disciplines that constitute a strategic mindset: Pattern Recognition, Systems Perspective, Mental Agility, Structured Problem-Solving, Visioning, and Political Savvy. Mastering these disciplines will enable you to navigate today’s complexities with confidence and foresight and lead your organization into the future. 

    Watkin's has dedicated his career to helping leaders be more effective in taking new roles, building their teams, and transforming their organizations. The Six Disciplines of Strategic Thinking builds on that knowledge and Watkin's extensive research with successful executives into a practical, actionable framework that leaders at any level, can apply to become stronger strategic thinkers.

    The early feedback for the book has been overwhelmingly positive; influential executives are calling it a "must-read" and an "essential blueprint for future leadership." 

    Learn More about Michael Watkin's latest book here

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