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    Navigating Team Alignment: Unleashing the Power of Strategy & Purpose

    Navigating the complex terrain of team dynamics in today's fast-paced business world can often feel like steering a ship through turbulent waters. Challenges emerge, transitions disrupt the flow, and adaptation becomes paramount. Yet, no matter how skilled or talented your team members are individually, without a unified vision and a shared sense of direction, the journey can become treacherous. 

    If the team doesn't agree on the situation, then It’s difficult to get aligned in a direction.  

    Powerful alignment rests on: 

    (1) an agreed view of the situation/context in which the team is operating 

    (2) alignment on the overall direction the team will be heading 

    (3) the objectives and measurable results to achieve within an agreed timeline and  

    (4) what activities should the team sop, start or continue. 

    Enter: the Integrate Intentionally pillar of the  Team Development Accelerator. TMWG_Models_2d_highlighted_align_080723

    The goal of the “Align Powerfully” pillar is to mobilize the latent energy of the team (through engagement and commitment to shared purpose) and align effort (through shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities, and objectives, key results and measures). In this pillar, the leader acts as mobilizer and focuser of the latent energy of the team.

    Utilizing tools to assess the situation and achieve an agreed view can help the team converge on their shared view, direction, and results. And finally, the team has to agree and align activities to continue, start or stop to ensure maximum value delivery and business impact with the resources at hand. 


    Accelerate Your Team Today  

    In today's fast-paced business landscape, teams often find themselves grappling with new challenges, transitions, and the need to adapt swiftly. To meet these demands head-on, we are excited to introduce Genesis Adviser’s newest solution– the Team Development Accelerator. 

    Building upon Michael Watkin’s quintessential First 90 Days® Framework, our Team Development Accelerator delivers a comprehensive approach that combines proven concepts and tools, expert design, facilitation, and coaching to accelerate team development. Our five essential pillars enable teams to integrate intentionally, align powerfully, collaborate effectively and operate efficiently to become energized to achieve. 

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