Onboarding Journeys for Leaders, Teams and Organizations

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Virtually all large companies are effective at the basics of signing up new hires. However, many companies think they are doing a good job of integrating new hires when they actually aren’t. The challenges new hires face, the real reasons they derail or underperform, have to do with how well they are integrated into their new organizations.

Effective integration means helping new hires:

  • Speed up the learning process
  • Adapt to the culture
  • Connect with key stakeholders
  • Build their teams
  • Get early wins

The First 90 Days® Transition Roadmap™ is a proven framework for accelerating integration and speeding up all transitions in your organization. You can power up your existing onboarding programs with e-learning tools, Acceleration Coaching®, Team Acceleration solutions, and our Rapid Rewire Process, all of which have been designed for large organizations by leadership transitions expert Michael Watkins.

  1. Power your existing onboarding programs with The First 90 Days®, incorporating our Onboarding Journeys™ — eLearning tools, workshops, and blended solutions — into your existing HR processes to accelerate everyone.
  2. Use our Acceleration Coaching® solution supported by a global network of  consultants and executive coaches to speed up the onboarding of new executives.
  3. Help leaders build and align their new teams with our Team Acceleration solutions, the thinking behind which is outlined in Michael Watkins’ Harvard Business Review article, "Leading the Team You Inherit."
  4. Accelerate the implementation of organizational change by using our RapidRewire® Process to drive alignment, build critical relationships and trust, and develop needed new competencies.

Depending on the needs of your leaders and your organization, you can augment your onboarding programs with any or all of our First 90 Days Solutions. For more information about how you can implement our offerings at your organization, please contact us.

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