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    Energized to Achieve: Unleashing Team Potential for Sustained Success

    Leading teams is challenging work. To win, team leaders of today must mobilize, focus, and sustain the best energy of the team. We know that teams possess immense power and potential which leaders must activate and channel towards the right priorities. When leaders recognize and unleash the latent potential within their teams, provide clear direction, and support energy levels over time, they set the stage for remarkable accomplishments. As a result, the team becomes a powerhouse that is energized to consistently achieve outstanding results. Following the law of physics, when we get our teams moving in the right direction our efforts become easier and sustainable. TMWG_Models_2d_highlighted_energize_080723

    Enter: the Energized to Achieve pillar of the Team Development Accelerator. In this pillar we provide ways for leaders and teams to remain energized over time to ensure remarkable results are achieved. We help teams leverage positive energy by defining priorities and early wins, ensuring their team purpose is clear, establishing best practices for meeting routines and team communications, addressing headwinds that drain energy and celebrating successes. Determining unique and actionable ways to ignite and maintain the collective passion and enthusiasm of the team is like feeding a strong fire with a steady supply of fuel to keep burning. Great teams are energized to win. 

    Accelerate Your Team Today 

    In today's fast-paced business landscape, teams often find themselves grappling with new challenges, transitions, and the need to adapt swiftly. To meet these demands head-on, we are excited to introduce Genesis Adviser’s newest solution– the Team Development Accelerator. 

    Building upon Michael Watkin’s quintessential First 90 Days® Framework, our Team Development Accelerator delivers a comprehensive approach that combines proven concepts and tools, expert design, facilitation, and coaching to accelerate team development. Our five essential pillars enable teams to integrate intentionally, align powerfully, collaborate effectively and operate efficiently to become energized to achieve. 

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